EleTrek Technology
Simply speaking, Drop Shipping means you (customer) order with us (EleTrek, the original
manufacturer), and we organize the production and make shipments to your customers
(the end users).   

Drop shipping is very popular in today's international trade industry.  It is accepted by
above mentioned 3 parties, especially it is prefered by Party A (you), because of the 
following advantages:
1) Zero Stock
    You don't need to have a warehouse, even you don't need to have any stock in.  Our
    warehouse is your warehouse in the Far East.
2) Easy operations
    You will save much time and energy by deop shipping. You don't need to consider
    production, packaging, or shipments organizations.  We handle all the things while
hat you need to is order with us, and tell us your customers' requirements.
3) Low Costs
    Reduced precedures means don't need hire too many people and pay them.  At the
    Meanwhile, you can save many trans-shipments. For example, you are in London, UK
    while your have 2 customers, they are living in Rome, Italy and Sydney, Australia.  
    When we received your order and payments, we will make 2 shipments to Italy and
    Australia.  It takes much freight costs and time if you collect the goods from and
    dispatch them to Italy and Australia! 
Of course, there is also a disadvantage for drop-shipping.  In case you are speaking to an
supplier, your customers may be lost, since the supplier may contact your
customers and sell to them direct.  In that case, you will lose businesses.  
To highlight, we, EleTrek Technology is a responsible supplier.  We ragard the Intergriry &
Honest Operation as important parts of our corporate cultures.   As a promise, we will keep
all your customer information confidential and not used for any other aims.
We warmly welcome E-retails from different countries to work with us on drop shipping basis!