EleTrek Technology

Dear customers:

We are very appreciated that you have chosen EleTrek as your partner.  We always put
your satisfaction as a priority in the business.   For this in mind we have established
following guidelines to protect you and your customers.

For all products purchased from Eletrek, we provide 12-36 months  warranty for different

product serials.   If there were problems against the testing result by our engineers. The

guideline is as follow:

1) Make sure the goods are from Eletrek
Please kindly make sure that the RMA goods were purchased from us.   Please contact
our service department by mailing to  service@eletrekusb.com
2) Returned units are without any accessories 
In order to save the postage of returning products, only the defectives unit should be
returned back without any accessories.
3) Shipping method for returning goods 
The customers are expected to return the defectives unit only by POST to avoid customs
clearance problem when return back to Eletrek.
4) Package requirement 
When you plan to return a defective product to EleTrek, it is required that the products
must be properly packaged, so as to prevent 2nd damages against the product during
the transits.
5) Freight costs 
For the defectiveness caused by EleTrek unqualified materials or incorerct production
precedures, we pay 2 ways freight costs by POST.  If the defectiveness caused by buyer's
mis-operations, we make the shipment to the buyer after repairing jobs, but the 2 ways
freight costs at the buyer's expenses.  For EleTrek regular customers, we pay the freight
costs (by post) of returning back the defective units, and we arranges the repairing job
as soon as possible when receiving the returned defectives.  
The we send back the repaired unit to customers, together with the goods of the new
order. The freight costs of sending back could be deducted from the PI issued for new
order.  So, Eletrek is responsible for one way freight cost.
6) Payment Refunds
Usually EleTrek does not provide payment refunds guaranetee for the custom products
with branding.  However, if the returned units are tested and approved to be caused by
our unqualified materials or incorerct production precedures, we make the refund of the
payment to compensate the customer's losses.