EleTrek Technology

You have already preloaded some data into your custom USB Flash drives, do you worry

about the preloaded data being deleted intentionally or by chance?  EleTrek will help you

to achieve that goal!  We usually divide the flash drive into different areas, for example 2

areas, "Protected Area"  -- DISK (H)and "Public Area" -- DISK (I).  

There will be 2 disks shown when the USB is connected to the computer.  

The contents stored in DISK (H) cannot be deleted (even by formatting), so it is protected

from being deleted in some way.  At meantime, the DISK (I),  the "Public Area" is open and

editable for the end users. 


If you want to set 2 areas, DISK (M) + DISK (N) while you hope the contents in DISK (M) only

edited with authority, we can make this function effected in production.  The end-user can

not edit DISK (M) only when he runn a software and input the correct password.