EleTrek Technology

It means we can store the assigned contents onto your custom USB Flash sticks.  It is a very

useful service.  How to distribute materials to your customers or the end users?   Printing

brochures is harmful to the environment and the related costs are high.


How about sending the files to their customers or end users by email?  It sounds workable 

for the small capacity files. But, if the files coming with big capacity, for example, 200MB,

even 2GB, it is unworkable to send by emails. 

Then what we can do? 
We can store the files into every unit when we produce the USB Flash sticks.  The files could
be in different types like E-Brochures, Presentation, Music, Video, Image, Software… Also the
iles could be in different formats: marketing materials in Word,Excel, Power Point, PDF.  
There is no extra charge if the capacity to be preloaded less than 200MB.
How you send us the files?  
There are several ways doing that:
1) For small capacity files, we can get the files form you by mails.  
2) For big capacity files, we provide you a link, you can upload the files onto a server, then
we will download the files.
3) You can also load the files in a flash Drive and ship to us the pen drives by post.