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Notice on EleTrek's Holiday on Mid-Autumn Day

2015-09-11 12:48:49
Dear Valued Partners & Friends: 
Our company & factory will be on holiday on Sep 15-17, 2015 for Traditional Mid-Autumn Day.  
It is one of the most important festivals for all the Chinese people, not only because it means
family / friends reunions but also symbolizes  harmonious relationships as well as happiness.

www.eletrekusb.com www.eletrekusb.com
On the special day, I, on behalf of the sales team, would like to send you our season's greetings.  
Please accept our sincere wishes for a happy Mid-autumn day!  All the best for you and your family! 

In order to keep fast response to your demands or queries, all our sales managers will keep their
mobile phones available to respond to you as soon as they can.  So, please feel free to email us! 
Warmest regards, 
Mr Sky/Sales Director

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