EleTrek Technology

EleTrek is committed to being the world's key supplier of corporate gifts.  To ensure the 

company's continuous development, we hope more young talented people to join our team.  

At this stage we are offering the following job opportunities: 


www.eletrekusb.com          Job Title: Overseas Sales Manager

         Dept:  Overseas Sales Dept.
         Job Type: Full time

         Province: Guang Dong

         City: Shenzhen (Headquarter)

         Gender: Male or Female

        Age: Under 20-27 years



· Full-time college degree or higher in advertising related professionals

· Experienced in Photoshop, Coreldraw and other popular design softwares
· Minimum 3 year of working experience in the same industry
· Creative thinking and understanding is prefered
· Needs good communication skills and teamwork spirit


If you have interest in this position, please contact us by Email at hr@eletrekusb.com,

thank you!