EleTrek Technology


EleTrek means Elegant and Trekking.  It was founded in 2010.

We are a professional manufacturer of fashionable electronics products.  Many of them are used for

branded corporate gifts, advertising/marketing/promotional Items, trade show giveaways.  Our main

products are 3D Virtual reality VR, Fitness bracelets, power bank stations as well as all kinds of USB

Flash drives.


Since the company's founding, we have been having a big dream that to serve 1% of the people and

companies in the world.  Well, after year's efforts, we have covered a long way towards realizing the

dream.  During the past 6 years, we assisted hundreds of different sized companies  and Individuals

from over 80 countries on the earth.  

Our products are widely choosed by many companies as


A. Promotional gadgets  — Increase products sales and market share 
B. Corporate gifts  — Improve  enterprise awareness  & corporate cultures 

C. Advertising/marketing items — Promote brands popularity & Loyalty 

D. Personal gifts  — Deepen the understandings among people


So far we have covered a long way towards making the dream come true.  In the following days, we

are committed to deliver more and more exciting items and superb services to our customers. 


We are getting closer and closer to our dream, because what we provide is far more than a gift.